Beautiful Bale…

I try to keep this blog mostly to tech / marketing topics, and away from my fanatical following of a, if not THE, North London football team – Tottenham Hotspur.

However, on the back of an epic backs-to-the-wall type performance that we witnessed last night, and one that has been well documented elsewhere, the two worlds have, tenuously perhaps, come together.

This has nothing to do with the brushing aside of AC Milan, instead, it is the exploits of Spurs, or to be more precise, Gareth Bale against their city rivals Inter Milan that is the focus of the piece below. There’s no point in hiding it, the content of the video alone is pure gold as far as I’m concerned. What is perhaps more interesting, to many of you readers who don’t share my love for all that is lillywhite, is the animation.

It is simple, uncomplicated and focused. There is no background to speak of, and even peripheral characters in this sweeping ballet are blurred slightly, keeping focus on the main subject.

Footballing loyalties and emotions aside, I really do think this is an absolutely beautiful piece of animation, and one thiat is far more complex and clever than it perhaps first appears.

Oh, and while you’re watching, see if you can spot the frame that Isobel made! 😉

EDIT – The animator is credited as Richard Swarbrick, and the original post can be found here.


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